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Direct Software Solutions
2 min readJan 14, 2023

Direct Software Solutions takes in years of quality software development experience to transform your ideas into a living reality. Ranging from a variety of applications such as mobile apps, web apps and scalable solutions to help grow your business or launch an exciting new product. Our professional development team thrives in working with cutting edge tools and technologies to develop, maintain and deploy technologically advanced applications for our many clients. At Direct Software Solutions we make ourselves standout in the field of modern day software development and prioritize customer satisfaction in every possible way. You bring on the idea and we’ll bring the code.

Why Us?

Our professionalism doesn’t just stick to transforming your idea into a reality and then coming down to say goodbyes. No, at Direct Software Solutions when our client walks out with their product after the full scale development + deployment process our team is always there for you to provide extra servicing, maintenance and consultation whenever you might need it. Our packages and their offerings are as flexible as ever and just perfect for all types of businesses from start ups till enterprises.

More about the technology we use —

What are Django and Angular?

Django and Angular are the top 2 technologies / frameworks we work with at Direct Software Solutions. Django is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) based web framework which provides all the tools, utilities and sources for developers to build and maintain high end and secure application back ends / APIs, it is typically a clean and cutting edge framework for developers who are absolute perfectionists. Angular is a TypeScript based open source framework released by Google, the framework allows developers to persistently develop and maintain stunning UI interfaces for their web and mobile applications.

The Django + Angular Team up

We got a perfectionist back end with Django and an eye catching front end with Angular, once these two powerful frameworks conjoin it results in outputting a secure, clean and modern day software product. Django provides your application with a secure back end which comes with many built-in tools/methods to prevent common security flaws from occurring such as CSRF, XSS and SQL injections, clickjacking, etc. Django uses built-in ORM thus resulting in absolutely 0 chances and risks of being targeted or effected with an SQL injection. Angular not only consumes your application back end to give it a stunning look but also works in collaboration with Django to make certain that everything is happening accordingly and with the necessary protocols. Both frameworks have the capabilities and standards to meet your project’s criteria and at Direct Software Solutions we are just one click away from providing you with top notch consultation.

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