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3 min readJan 14, 2023

Software development is a mixed up and completely randomized field which can be driven the agile way or through a whole lot of trial and error. In this article you’re going to find out how we take on huge projects and get things done with accuracy and swiftness.

Planning & Recon

At this phase your project is stepping into an ever-growing life span. A team of qualified experts with both domain and technology knowledge will step into the cyber arena and brainstorm your software product’s business and technological logic. Once that is made clear our team of creative designers rises up and creates mock ups and sketches to guarantee the outcome of a sleek and modern UI (user interface).


Here comes the exciting part! With everything planned out and ready to roll its time to kick start the project itself. Our software developers begin with actually coding out the business and technological logic that was planned in the earlier stage and through trial and error reach a point where a systematic back end (server side) is ready for your software product and a database is setup which leads to paving a way for the UI to hop in.

The Front End

The server side is ready! Meaning the business logic, functionalities and features have been developed and are awaiting to be hooked up to the front end. The UI/ UX designers who made mockups and sketches for the initial looks your software product will have are passed onto the front end developers who are responsible for using HTML/CSS/Javascript and other unique libraries to make the UI/UX come to life for your web app such as buttons, text boxes and other rich animations to be included.

Time for the MERGE

We’ve been through a lot! Planning, server side, front end and now it’s time for the big merge! The front end and back end have both been developed and now the server side’s endpoints e.g /product/blog/create are passed onto the front end developers who will merge the front end with the server side so that whatever data is being brought by the server side is transmitted to the front end.

Cloud Solution

With the software product built up and ready to be launched, it’s now time to deploy it which is the appropriate way of launching an app so that it is running live and is open to the world to see and interact with. Our DevOps personnel take your software application and put it in the cloud for security and scalability.

Delivery Day!

Here is your final product :)

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